Thursday, September 2, 2010

what if?

it's always a bit unnerving to try to think about what to say to a first-time audience.

with my personal blog, i didn't really think about it. i just started writing, my thoughts, my feelings, my stories. and am still a little shocked that people actually want to read it!

when i thought about what i wanted to say here though...
i came up a bit short.

so i did what i have (finally) learned to do in these situations.
i decided to ask One who is way bigger than me and my thoughts

and driving home from running errands i asked the Father
"what would You have me say to Your people?"

and this is what immediately came to mind.

i saw a picture of a young woman
in grass

and i felt like God was saying
"smile more, even when you don't feel it
laugh often, because you've found joy
dance with abandon
delight yourself in worship of Me"

i have written quite a bit about worship, about returning to childlike qualities of not caring what anyone around you is doing -- just.worshiping

and most of the time i try to practice that

so today i ask you:

what if you just let go?

what if you danced before the Lord
not caring what anyone else thought?
what if you sang at the top of your lungs
whether anyone's with you or not?
what if you let that grace wash over you
like the ocean it is
and bathed in His love for awhile?

i always told my students
that i didn't like the "what if" game
but right now...
i love it.

(photo credit: google images)


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