Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prayer Request Box

Hi everyone!

I know this is an inspirational blog so Casondra wanted to added a prayer request box to the sidebar.  I thought it was a GREAT idea.  Anyone should be able to post on it even if they aren't a friend/follower, or you can request for someone else.  It will probably show up as unknown if they aren't our friend/follower though, which is perfectly OK too.  It's about all of us praying as 'prayer warriors'.  That doesn't mean that we have to automatically have a name or complete specifics to do that.

I did want to say that it has a time lapse on it though in order to go through the system.  It may take a few minutes for your request to actually show up in the box, same with replies.  We tested it tonight and I had one that took upwards of 5 minutes.  So don't think it's broken, it's working, just takes patience.  If we start having them take 15 or more minutes and it still doesn't show up AFTER you refresh your browser, let me know.

Also added some 'buttons' that you can put on your personal blogs/websites to show your support of this blog and to pass us around with.

If anyone has any other problems or has any questions about anything, let me know.  I do my best to answer or find an answer to whatever the problem is.  Be patient though, I get busy certain days with all I do.

Hope you enjoy!

Back to your regularly scheduled inspiration!  :)


Vanessa said...

You.....BUSY???? Ha....aren't you busier than busy??

Vanessa said...

Anyway, everything looks GREAT!!! Thanks Amber!

Lora said...

fantastic addition -- i love it!

Amber said...

Well, now that you mention it, I am usually busier than busy. And you want to know something funny...I am thinking of a daytime job while the kids are in school on top of it. Hubby says I am absolutely nuts.

Amber said...

Oh, and your welcome.

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