Friday, September 10, 2010

Random acts of Kindness

This is one AMAZING story that started all from a random act of kindness.

One Random Act of Kindness Turned $93 Into $100,000!

On Aug. 11, one year after the two strangers met and had a kind exchange, they raised more than $100,000 for the food bank though their Facebook group, the 93 Dollar Club!
Let's say you were at Trader Joe's Menlo Park, Calif., and you saw a woman standing at the checkout counter who couldn't find her wallet. Would you pick up the tab? Well, that's what Carolee Hazard did last summer. When she saw that Jenni Ware wasn't able to pay the bill because her wallet was missing, a knee-jerk reaction inspired her to hand over $207, the exact amount Ware needed for her groceries. The next day, Hazard received a check for $300 in the mail and a thank you card from Ware suggesting that she use the extra $93 dollars to get a massage.
Uncomfortable with keeping the money, Hazard asked her Facebook friends what they'd do. Several suggested giving it to charity, which Carolee liked a lot, and she decided to match the money with $93 of her own. Again, she turned to her Facebook friends asking to whom should she donate the $186. Given the food connection, she decided to donate the money to her local Second Harvest Food Bank. To her great surprise, a friend added another $93. So did another and another and another! Soon the story was being posted and reposted on Facebook, inspiring others to donated as well. Thus was born the 93 Dollar Club.
"If I hadn't turned to Facebook, this never would have happened. I am just along for the ride as opposed to steering this. The 93 Dollar Club really has an energy all of its own," Hazard said. "No one has been asked to donate. People stepped forward asking to participate ... to make a difference. And whether it was in the amount of $9.30 from a single mother who works full-time with little extra cash to spare or a young child making a 93 cent donation from their allowance, everyone has been able to play a part." In just one year, the 93 Dollar Club has collected a whopping $100,000.
What's next? Her hope is to double the amount and raise $200,000. Hazard said, "I have great faith that people's desire for helping the hungry and passing on goodness will enable us to reach our goal. That amount will provide 400,000 meals or enough to feed 100 families of four for a year. I like folks to know that a little goes a long way at Second Harvest!"
To follow the 93 Dollar Club as they work toward their $200,000 goal or to participate, clickhere.


Lora said...

that's *really* cool.

at the 20s/30s group i go to on monday, AJ was telling us of a friend she knows who works at starbucks. one morning the first customer in her drive-through line told her she wanted to pay for her drink and the person's behind her. when the person behind her got to the window and heard that his drink was paid for he said "well i want to go ahead and pay for the order behind ME"

this went on for 300 cars!

you never know what one simple thing will trigger!

Vanessa said...

Awesome! Also love the starbucks story!

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