Thursday, September 23, 2010

clean up

this morning i have spent approximately an hour cleaning out one (1!) of my email inboxes

i'm one of those people that's really bad about hanging onto emails that don't necessarily matter anymore.  blog comments and replies from months ago.  dusty receipts, photos that have long been on my hard drive, nutrition secrets that i should probably just READ and apply instead of letting them sit there.

and so, the email cleanup has taken awhile.

and as usual, i begin wondering what other dusty corners of my life need a little clean up.
how about that resentment from an offense that was slighter than i remember?
and the envy i felt for those moving forward in the life path i thought *i* was supposed to be walking?
and those moments when i wondered if i could even make it another step.

i am happy to say that i had a little "clean-up" of those life things a couple of months ago when i went on an encounter weekend 
(and had a little revelation about my life in general as a result)
and let's face it -- through the events of the past few months there have been MANY opportunities to grow in that way.  deaths of those close to you, foreclosures, cars being totaled...those things will knock you off your feet if you're not grounded.

but today, if nothing else
has served to remind me that cleaning up my life and heart can't be saved for just those special occasions
it's a constant, organic thing that needs to keep happening

and just as i resolve now (in black and white!) to keep my inbox tidier
i resolve as well to recognize those areas in my life, heart and attitude
that need to be immediately deleted or filed appropriately

join me?


Casondra said...

I am not able to sleep much due to the intense pain right now, so I got up to catch up on my 'reading' material. I really needed this! Thanks.

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