Saturday, September 11, 2010

Branching post from Random acts of Kindness

I was trying to emphasize the importance of eating what I make for dinner to Camden {the picky eater} the other night. and for her to please do it without pitching a fit over what it I tried to tell her that there are homeless people living right here in our community. not just in "other" places. and not just in 3rd world countries. and children are hungry and homeless too, not just adults....etc, etc...immediately her heart was aching for those that are hungry and without shelter. she wants to do something...i have yet to decide if i want to donate to a food bank or take it even further and see about getting her into a volunteer program somewhere with me. any feedback on this is greatly appreciated! i don't even know if there is a volunteer program that would allow a 9 year old to participate.


Amber said...

We do things with Scouts and are doing a new thing this year. Scouts do Scouting for Food where we collect bags of food for a food bank. This year we are taking it a step further with them and going to see about letting them stock the shelves at the actual food bank and possibly work on the line with the help of an adult. Usually shelters/food lines like that will let a child help as long as the parent is with them. I think any of it is a very humbling experience for children. I can't wait for mine to do it. I want them to realize how great they have it.

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