Saturday, September 4, 2010

About the authors

Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly!

I wanted to post a little about each of the contributing authors.

Amanda.  She has been married to Brandon for 10 years now, and they have three beautiful kids.  Currently prayer needs are Brandon interviewed for an underground job with the coal mine, and has got the job...he just needs to decide if he actually wants to take it.  Prayer warriors lets lift them up!

Cassie. She is married to Adam and they have two kids.  A daughter and a son.  They recently moved and Cassie is working on her doctorate.  GO CASSIE!!!  :)  

Chelsa. She is married to Ryan, and you can tell by her picture that they have two very handsome little boys.  They also have A who is in Heaven with Jesus.  Chelsa's strength and love for the Lord amazes me.  They are currently in the process of building their 'dream' home, so please keep them in your prayers.

Kate.  Kate has a loving fiance who we call D, and one adorable little guy named Oliver.  Kate has a passion for life unlike anyone I've ever seen.  She's traveled the world, literally, to help the less fortunate.  She rivals me in her love for cooking.  At the ripe age of 26, she inspires me to life live to the fullest.

Lora.  Lora has a loving boyfriend named Anthony, and she currently resides in one of the most fun cities in the country.  Lora has been through the ringer the past few years, but still has a zest for the Lord that leaves those around her wanting to get to know Him more.  

This would be me and my, well large, family.  Chris and I have four small children.  Our youngest, B, was born with D-Transposition, an ASD, VSD, and incomplete atrioventricular canal.  She has surgery at 16 days old, but if you saw her today and didn't know her story, you'd never suspect anything was ever wrong with her.  I was recently diagnosed with BC, and will soon be undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy.  God has carried us through every second of the past three years of our lives and I know without a doubt He will continue to do so as we face this journey.

Starla.  She's married to Max.  They have two very awesome kids.  Starla's little girl spent some time in the NICU after a rough delivery, and through it all she clung to her faith...knowing God would get them through it.  She's an avid scrapbooker.  She's my oldest friend, and is such a HUGE blessing in my life.  Please keep her family in your prayers as well...her FIL will soon be undergoing surgery to remove one of his kidneys.  He's going to need a lot of lifting up.

Vanessa.  She's married to Jim.  They have two fantastic kids.  Their youngest also has some issues with his heart, which they are currently monitoring.  She's recently gave her life to Lord.  Can I get an 'AMEN'!!!  I love reading her blog, and watching her relationship with Him grow.

If you have a little time, please, visit all their personal blogs to get to know each and every one of them a little better.  Their stories are AMAZING!!!


Momma Truitt said...

I feel so honored to be apart of this blog! You have been such a blessing to me, Casondra!

Amber said...

They all sound AWESOME!

Vanessa said...

Great job with all of them Casondra!!!! :)

Lora said...

i'm so honored to be included! nice to see some new to me faces among some familiar ones :)

Cassie said...

I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of these ladies better through reading these posts! :) Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this, Casondra!

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