Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids and the Bible

My children, who are elementary school aged have, of course, never read the whole Bible.  For one, without a LOT of help they wouldn't understand the wording in most of it or what was going on.

While at the book store one day I found a Bible that had the title Extreme Teen on the front.  I opened it up and found that while the parts of the Bible are in there, it actually explains things as it goes in a way that a teen would understand.  I believe that my kids will be able to understand this too as they are older elementary school aged kids, or I am hoping so anyway.  I am hoping that if a part is confusing that my 20+ years of the Bible would be able to help them too, although I don't know ALL about it either, but I do know how they learn things.

I've had this Bible sitting here for a year now on my bookshelf and probably only cracked it open twice.
I have decided that as of October 1st I am going to start reading this to them, hopefully a little each night.  My hopes are that in less than one year we will be completed with this task and my kids will be able to say that they have at least 'heard' the Bible all the way through.

What brought this on?
Well, I turn 30 this year, in a couple days actually.  Not too long after my children were born we had them baptized.  In that ceremony you and the family you choose promise to help guide your children down a life of faith, belief and love.  You also promise to teach them the Word.  Although my kids know some stories that are taught, like Noah, and Jonah, and others, it's still not ALL the Bible.  I want them to have that knowledge, and it's about time I give it to them.  Here's to a new decade in my life and hopefully a new learning in theirs.

Wish us luck!

Proverbs - Chapter 4; Verses 4, 5 & 13

he taught me and said, Lay hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands and you will live.
Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.
Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.

Proverbs - Chapter 6; Verse 23

For these commands and this teaching are a lamp to light the way ahead of you. The correction of discipline is the way of life.


Karen, aka "Kitten" said...

Can't tell you how excited I am to see your plan to read the Bible WITH your kiddos! 20 years ago, I did that with my 3. We got thru the majority of it and they still remember that. Don't let discouragement keep you from it if you skip a few days. Just pick it up again and know that the Lord will bless you and them. Saw your blog on Living a Changed Life. It will be great to follow you.

Amber said...

Thanks Karen!
I believe my daughter will enjoy it. My son might get bored, but I am hoping it will make him have more respect for people.

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