Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awesome God

Once a month I volunteer for a faith-based, medical clinic. This clinic has served 805 patients with 294 who have sought ministry in our prayer room. 519 have submitted prayer requests. The all volunteer staff has returned $104,506.00 worth of services to the community since we opened the doors September 10, 2009. I am blessed {& proud!} to be part of such a wonderful organization that provides these free services to those that have no medical insurance.

Each night, we dedicate time for devotional. I want to share a story that was shared with our staff during one of those devotionals. Now-I may not have all of the specifics just right...but you'll get the picture.

The church of the man telling the story has a ministry that they call The Treasure Hunters. The Treasure Hunters are a group of Christians that listen to what they feel God is telling them.
One night, God spoke 3 things to them.

1. Soccer Ball
2. Red Jeep
3. Divorce

They weren't entirely sure what any of these things meant, so they hopped into their cars and started driving into and through town. Nothing called out to them. They proceeded to the next town over. Again, nothing. With the strong feeling of having to find what God was trying to tell them, they tried one more town. It was in this town that they spotted a red jeep at a gas station. On that back window of that red jeep was a school soccer decal. Knowing this MUST be what God was leading them to, they went inside the gas station. Upon asking the cashier about the owner of the red jeep, they see a man in the corner. The owner. They approached the man and speak to him. They realize that the man attended their church years ago and no longer attends. The man tells them, my wife is leaving me. I don't know what to do. I haven't spoke to God in a long time. This morning I asked God to send help....................................... I was going to commit suicide tonight.

Each time I hear this story, tell this story, think about this story, I realize just how AWESOME God is!!! He heard this man's plea and sent him help!

I'm sure we all know this song...but you can't hear this song too much. Great song!


Casondra said...

That is AMAZING! I'm speechless!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh I know...can you say goosebumps?!?!?!

Amber said...

If you could see the goosebumps that just popped up on me, you would think my house just fell below freezing. It takes quite a bit to give me goosebumps from stories. Truly a work of God.

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