Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My challenge for you

We are all beautiful the way we are!!! Follow along here and get inspired!!!  I want to challenge all of you to write out the scripture that is speaking to you this week, and put it somewhere where some one you don't know will find may just be the message that turns their life around.  I'd like to do something similar to the operation beautiful challenge, and take pictures of your scriptures, and write a small paragraph about why you chose to put it where you did.


Vanessa said...

L <3 ve it!!!!!!

Cassie said...

Sounds fun! :)

Amber said...

That Operation Beautiful looks like it could be a pretty powerful thing. I couldn't believe that stat at the beginning about the 9&10 year olds. That is the age of my daughter...scary.

I think your idea is awesome. I am always up for something like that and you know me, I love to use my camera. We could put it together in a slideshow too. :)

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