Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Most Important Things

In my life, I try to live by these '10 most important things'.  I have to admit that some days it is hard for some of these to be at the forefront of my thinking.  Some things in life will test my patience, my faith and my very well-being.  When I am being tested in that sense, I am probably not the best person/friend/mother/wife that I could be.  
No matter what is going on in your life, remember the '10 most important things'.

  • LOVE:
    The Special Feeling That Makes You Feel All Warm And Wonderful.

    Treating Others As Well As You Would Like To Be Treated.

    To Be Grateful For All The Good Things Life Has To Offer.

    The Full Enjoyment Of Each Moment. A Smiling Face.

    The Ability To Let Things Be Without Anger.

    The Joy Of Giving Without Thought Of Receiving.

    The Quality Of Always Telling The Truth.

    The Purity Of Doing What's Right, No Matter What.

    The Essence Of Feeling Another's Pain, While Easing Their Hurt.

  • PEACE:
    The Reward For Living The 10 Most Important Things.

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