Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I wrote the following entry for my personal blog, but thought this would be a great place to share it as well.

It's funny how God puts things in your life at certain times that make you step back and think..there is NO way that was all just by coincidence. And He does it to teach us lessons, I'm sure of it.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine posted a status update about living paycheck-to-paycheck, and how hard it is.  I responded by saying, that despite the road we face, I feel blessed in that we live so comfortably. And that I would pray for her. She responded with something to the effect of that she was in no way comparing her situation to mine, because they don't compare and looking at my situation is makes her feel like she is just complaining.  And that she felt bad that with everything I am going through that I wanted to pray for her. 

Don't feel bad, friend.  We are all in this together!

I think as human beings we tend to categorize tragedy into levels of what is worse.  The truth is every one is fighting their own battles. When I say battles...I mean REAL battles...not every day mundane things like your kids are driving your crazy!  Life leaves each and every one of us scarred...just in different ways. I have friends who have lost their children, and to me, that is so much than facing cancer.  I may have cancer, but I also have a HUGE support system.  I can't imagine the stress of having to choose between paying my bills or feeding my children. 

I look around and see so much suffering and it just breaks my heart.  I can barely manage to watch the news and see all the bad in the world around us.  I saw a video the other day of this babysitter repeatedly hitting and throwing things at the tiny baby, and it just made me sick.  It makes me think about all the parents and babies that things like that happen to because they aren't in a financial situation for one of the parents to stay home.  And then I get angry when I hear/see stay-at-home parents complaining about how crazy their kids make them, or all the things they do for their kids that 'stress' them out and how horrible their lives are.   And it seems anymore half of what you read on Facebook status's or blogs is just that.  It just makes me want to say, "If your kid destroying your house is your complaint in need to open your eyes to those around you who actually have problems.  And be THANKFUL you aren't in their shoes."  But I don't say those things...not normally anyways. And when I do, I spend a tremendous amount of time in prayer, asking God to help me not be so judgmental, and to have the will power to turn to him in prayer for these people instead of voicing my own opinions.

Early I was reading one of my new favorite blogs...I just think this woman is a wonderful mother, and woman of God.  In paragraph she wrote the following and it just spoke volumes to me...

Sometimes our statuses are the only things people see of our life. The only glimpse they get into our thoughts, philosophies and beliefs... what message are you sending? complaining? or contentment? Faith ? Or constant frustration?

How true is that?  

What message do you portray to the people you come in contact it in person or via web? 

My dad went to a funeral a few weeks back and he shared how the Pastor spoke of all the evidences in this woman's life.  Then the Preacher told the funeral goers to make sure they leave as much evidence behind as they can so that your loved ones have no questions as to where you are going.

So, I ask you today, what evidences are you showing?


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