Friday, January 28, 2011

Prayer requests

I know we have a prayer log for requests but no one can actually read them until the blog page is opened up and we don't normally open up the page if we don't see a new here it is.

A cousin of two of the women in the local MOPS circle was recently in a tragic car accident. Her 4 month old son was killed and her 4 year old daughter is in the local children's hospital with bleeding on the brain. The mother had a broken pelvis, internal bleeding and bruising in her lungs. She was unaware of the death of her son and the condition of her daughter until days after the accident. The funeral for the baby will be held tomorrow. I'm sure they can use all the prayers we can provide! A memorial fund has been set up to help with funeral expenses. To donate please visit this link.

A young friend of mine delivered a baby that was born with water on his brain. The doctors only give him a few months to live. This can't be easy to accept for anyone involved.

Also, a friend of mine asks for prayers for her father. He has been battling cancer and has just learned it has spread to his bones.

Please help by praying for these families! I can't imagine what any of them must be going through!
Thank you everyone!!


Amber said...

Definite prayers going up for ALL of that. Let us know how things are.

Pearl said...

I'll pray for all of them, too. It's so sad the hardships that people live through. :(

-- Pearl

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